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Welcome to Kolonizer Real Business Solutions pvt.Ltd.

Kolonizer offers software solutions for real estate to streamline the investment, commercial, residential services of real estate companies at an exceptional level. Our properly integrated applications, software and websites help in generating genuine leads to leverage business through higher ROI. Our IT solutions are successfully designing the real estate infrastructure process to perform excellently through Internet, mobile technology, application enhancement and software use.

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Our Features

Kolonizer as a leading software development company in Bhopal India,focus on providing customized software for real estate management, lead management, task management, material management and accounting management to reduce the complexity of real estate developers and builders. Our software serves the efficient needs of real estate marketing companies, real estate dealers covering all the aspects of the business at broader level.

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Real Business Solutions Private Limited

Our Services

Advance and wide range of the solutions justifies the efficiency and hyper deliverability of software at reasonable rates.We provide our services in the segments of real estate management software, web designing, software development and app development.GST and billing software solves all the need of your calculation and keep you at financial ease.

Our Products

Kolonizer work on the perfection of the product and provide the ultimate final product to ease the task of the managers. Products have features that have enriching functionalities to make the real estate business sustainable. Find the best Real Estate Management Software for your business,Real estate management software, Billing, Invoicing and Management Software,office management software,task management software,material management software,accounting management software,lead management software,recovery management software and many more.

Lead management

Lead management software resolves all the issues related to the customer details and data. CRM management filters the potential and distributed leads of the real estate industry with advance implications. It is easy to manage data accordingly and feed all the details for further follow up calls. Filtered leads and data will support the telesales to categorize customers.

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Task management

Task management software helps manager and support administration to work efficiently and effectively with aligned targets or objectives. Managers can track the working schedule and task status according to the update through task management software. Real estate projects
require quick planning and implementation with skillful negotiation to reach the desired goals and targets. Task management involves the large coverage of resources requirement, project discussion, team collaboration and stakeholders’ relations.

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Accounting management

Financial part is an unignorable part of the business and progress report tracking takes place with the help of accounting management and billing software. Accountant lalaji is the specialized exceptional product or software to support financial condition of the business. Manage all the transactions and record keeping through perfect billing software. Integrated payment gateway, free trial facility, backend support, CRM, discounts will compel the business owners to prioritize the software use.

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Recovery management

Recovery management software minimize and organize the task of landlords, property owners and real estate managers. It manages the finance and help in collecting rent or installment in time. Software provides scalable management related to the physical space, tenants, leasing property details and accounting terms. It is the perfect reminder to get the details and notification related to the collection of the finances in time.

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Real estate management

Real estate management software involves a major contribution of information technology. It empowers the real estate owners to keep the track record of all the expenses in the business. It makes the real estate management more collaborative and also streamlines to track the payment, work status, progress report, expenses of the business. Overall coverage of all the real estate and construction operations comes under real estate management software to provide access to all the need and requirement of the particular industrial goals.and help the companies to achieve objectives.

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Material Management

Success of any Business or Idea lies with Effective and Sucessfull Material Management of it. Material management software ensures the availability of the real estate material in more efficient way.
The company or the workers will not get out of stock at the time of utmost need and requirement. Managers can keep the track of the expenses in material to be used in construction and architectural designs. Online portal will benefit the real estate property owners, project handlers and supervisors.

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