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Kolonizer real business solutions Pvt. Ltd Company has laid its foundation stone in the year 2003 with the major intent to serve the real estate industry. The company is founded by Mr. Abdul Hakim Mansoori, who has a flourished experience of real estate. By observing the pace and results followed by IT solutions in real estate, we have discovered a new pathway to reach the target audience with perfect transparency and highlighted information base.
As highlights of the history and our origin, it is great to know that we as SRJ creators Pvt. Ltd completed 30 small and medium projects in 2009. Co-foundation SRJ Varco Developers India Pvt. Ltd started big projects by 2010. The parallel creation of AAFCO Real Estate India Pvt. Ltd. Completed 7 projects and paradise hill as the recognized project in 2012 -2013. As the introduction to Information technology (IT), Kolonizer is the first step taken in 2015.
Kolonizer offers software solutions for real estate to streamline the investment, commercial, residential services of real estate companies at an exceptional level. Our properly integrated applications, software and websites help in generating genuine leads to leverage business through higher ROI. Our IT solutions are successfully designing the real estate infrastructure process to perform excellently through Internet, mobile technology, application enhancement and software use.

Our Features

Kolonizer as a leading software development company in Bhopal India,focus on providing customized software for real estate management, lead management, task management, material management and accounting management to reduce the complexity of real estate developers and builders. Our software serves the efficient needs of real estate marketing companies, real estate dealers covering all the aspects of the business at broader level

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